• Annual Report of the ICHM for 2003 (download as a word file)

Polling meeting in 2004: Second call for papers

East Asian Network for Environment History and Climate Change Co-Organized by Professor Doctor Takehiko Mikami, Tokyo Metropolitan University and Doctor Togo Tsukahara, Kobe University, sponsored an International Symposium at Kobe University, on Sunday, 12 January, 2003. Professor James Fleming, President of ICHM, attended as a guest speaker. Click on the link for more information. Links to pictures taken at the event.

• A number of ICHM members participated in the Presidential Symposium on History at the 83rd annual American Meteorological Society Meeting followed by a discussion, reception, and dinner at Tequila Jacks in Long Beach, California, Tuesday, 11 Feb., 2003. See the informal Historian's Guide to the AMS Annual Meeting and Abstracts of Invited Papers.

• Four ICHM members formed a panel at the American Society of Environmental History (ASEH), Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 26-30 March, 2003. Putting Weather into Environmental History session co-sponsored by ICHM.

• The 4th meeting of the German FAGEM "Die Entwicklung der Meteorologie im 19. Jahrhundert" was held in Pottsdam on 25 Sept. 2003. Extended abstracts available as pdf file.

• Review of Klaus Wege, Die Entwicklung der meteorologischen Dienste in Deutschland (Deutscher Wetterdienst: Offenbach am Main, Germany, 2002) by Hans Volkert in WMO Bulletin 52, no. 3 (July 2003): 327-28. [download as .pdf file 45 kb].

ICHM Member Dr. Gaston Demarée had the honor of presenting the Sarton Chair lecture at Ghent, 20 November 2003.

ICHM RECEPTION AND DINNER WAS HELD IN CAMBRIDGE, MASS: Local and Global Perspectives in Meteorology: A session, reception, and dinner at the History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Thursday, 20 Nov. 2003, 4:00 pm

Royal Meteorological Society Conference: THE GREAT STORM OF 1703. Was held on 29-30 Nov. 2003, at Ramsgate Maritime Museum, Sandwich, Kent, England.
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