Message from Scott Huler


Greetings to all ICMH members. I have joined your society because in the course of research for a book I contacted James Fleming. Dr. Fleming is being helpful and generous in helping me make connections with meteorologists and historians who can help me on my quest to learn everything I can about the Beaufort Scale of wind force. My book is tentatively scheduled for spring, 2004. I eagerly encourage anyone with thoughts or knowledge about: the history of wind scales (precedents to or updates of the Beaufort Scale especially); observational measurement and recordmaking in general (I'm interested in things like the Fujita-Pearson or Mercallis scales); categorization; international meteorological cooperation and recordkeeping (the Palatine Society, the Royal Society, etc.) to contact me to discuss my project.
I'm a journalist rather than a historian or scientist; I've written books about the airline industry, NASCAR automobile racing, and the Cleveland Browns football team; I've worked for a raft of newspapers and magazines; I've most recently been a producer for a National Public Radio affiliate; and I'm currently on break from that station as a Knight-Wallace Fellow at Michigan, a one-year fellowship for midcareer journalists. I'm glad to do anything I can as a writer to help the scientists and historians in this society.
My email is and I am now officially surrounded by a whole bunch of people who know way more than I do about a topic about which I'm supposed to be writing a book, so, officially: help.- Scott

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