History of Meteorology

volume 1 (2004)

Peer-reviewed journal of the ICHM

ISSN 1555-5763

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[Incorporating Proceedings of the International Commission on History of Meteorology 1.1 (2004), ISSN 1551-3580]


 International Perspectives on the History of Meteorology: Science and Cultural Diversity

Papers presented at the Inaugural Symposium of the International Commission on History of Meteorology,

International Congress of History of Science, Mexico City, July 11-12, 2001,

James R. Fleming, convener and editor.

Introduction iii-vi

1. E. Philip Krider, "Benjamin Franklin and the First Lightning Conductors," 1-13

2. Lizardo Seiner Lizárraga, "Los Inicios de la meteorología en el Perú y la labor del Cosmografiato: 1753-1856," 14-27

3. Karl-Heinz Bernhardt, "Johann Wolfgang von Goethes Beziehungen zu Luke Howard und sein Wirken auf dem Gebiet der Meteorologie," 28-40

4. Nathan M. Brooks, "Dmitrii Mendeleev and Russian Meteorology during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century," 41-47

5. Edmund P. Willis and William H. Hooke, "Cleveland Abbe and the Birth of the National Weather Service, 1870-1891," 48-54

6. Cornelia Luedecke, "The First International Polar Year (1882-83): A big science experiment with small science equipment," 55-64

7. Gregory T. Cushman, "Enclave Vision: Foreign networks in Peru and the internationalization of El Niño research during the 1920s," 65-74

8. James R. Fleming, "Sverre Petterssen, the Bergen School, and the Forecasts for D-Day," 75-83

9. Kristine C. Harper, "The Scandinavian Tag-Team: Providers of atmospheric reality to numerical weather prediction efforts in the United States (1948-1955)," 84-91

10. Vladimir Jankovic', "Choosing the Right Axis: An institutional history of the Belgrade Eta forecast model," 92-98

11. Maureen Christie, "Data Collection and the Ozone Hole: Too much of a good thing?" 99-105

12. Roy E. Goodman, "Archives, Libraries and Bibliography in the History of Meteorology Prior to 1900," 106-111


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